Arc de Triomphe MontpellierArc de Triomphe Montpellier
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An unmissable point of view The Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch

It isn’t as famous as the one in Paris but Montpellier owns a lovely Triumphal Arch too !

A royal symbol

A bit of History

Designed by the architect François D’Orbay, a student of Mansart, the Triumphal Arch was built in 1692 to replace one of the gates of the old rampart.

It is a mandatory access to enter Montpellier’s city center from the Peyrou park.

Discover the medallions, the bas-reliefs and the attic (the top) dyed in ocher and yellow, as well as a royal coat of arms which has regained its blue color of France…

A royal view !

Good to know

Exclusively, go on a guided tour with the Tourist Office to access the top the Triumphal Arch (some 90 steps to climb…) with the visits “Historical Center” and “Royal view from the Arc “(in French).

At the top, a breathtaking 360° view awaits you over the city, the nearby sea, the vineyards, the majestic Pic Saint-Loup, the foothills of Larzac and the Cévennes.

A way to discover Montpellier from another angle with unforgettable souvenir photos!

From the top of the arch you can admire the Place du Peyrou and the Louis XIV’s statue in the center of the esplanade.
The water tower, the aqueduct nearby, a discovery not to be missed which invites to a peaceful stroll, it is not uncommon to come across musicians, sportsmen who run, jugglers…

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