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Situated 18 km west of Montpellier, between vignes and garrigue, Cournonterral is a wine makers village crossed by the Coulazou, a stream which has carved a real canyon. The village can be visited by taking its many paths or during the popular Carnaval, a real institution !


Did you know?

The Cournonterral area has been inhabited since the Neolithic age. Several excavations have also  revealed a Gallo-Roman presence.

In the Middle Ages, the village had spectacular ramparts including 6 towers and 2 turrets as well as a castle of which two Saracen towers remain. Outside the remparts, there is a fountain.

It is said that Hannibal himself stopped at that fountain to let his elephants drink.
The Cournonterral carnival takes place from Epiphany Sunday to Ash Wednesday.

According to the legend, this festival celebrates an ancient victory of Cournonterral over Aumelas, the neighbouring village.

The entertainment includes: dancing, a convoy of carnival floats, concerts, brass bands. The famous ‘Pailhasses’ day is organised on Ash Wednesday and closes the carnival.

That day is for the residents of Cournonterral only. The participants are dressed in Aumelas ‘white’ or in Cournonterral ‘pailhasse’ and chase one another through the village splatting each other with wine sediment.