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8 km north of Montpellier, the village of Prades-le-Lez houses the Domain of Restinclières. A place dedicated to nature where the Departmental House of the Environment is based.

To see: the château, the park, open to the public, the hiking paths and the range of entertainment.

A bit of History

The oldest historical mention of the name Prades appears in the Gellone cartulary in 804 under the name of villa Pratis.

However, the oldest human occupation of the village dates back to the Late Neolithic period (around 3,000 BC), as shown by the material discovered: carved flints, ceramics and polished bone tools.

At the end of the 12th century, the village was fortified by ramparts pierced by two gates with bretches and machicolations, listed as Historic Monuments.

The Restinclières Domain

Vast property of 200 hectares, the Restinclières Domain is both wild and agricultural.

Bordered by two rivers the Lez and the Lirou, it offers a mosaic of different countryside as well as an exceptional natural heritage.

The château was transformed in the 18th century by the Cambacérès family in the Montpellier ‘follies’ style.

In front of the château is an elegant french garden. To water the garden, water was channelled from the nearby source of the Lez . A must see.

The estate can be explored along the paths, the events offered throughout the year (exhibitions, workshops, conferences, shows…), or during a picnic with family and friends.