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10 km north-east of Montpellier, the village of Vendargues stretches between the Cadoule and the Salaison, two Mediterranean rivers. In this village, on weekdays or at weekends, it is common to encounter beautiful examples of the comté (draught horse) or of the Camargue breeds.


At Vendargues you will see horses everywhere — during local village festivals, at riding centres, to transport schoolchildren, to pull the Christmas sleigh, even for waste collection and street cleaning! Riding centres and horses abound !

In keeping with ancient traditions, Camargue horses contribute to the success of votive (or commemorative) festivals in a town which is deeply respectful of its roots and of the Camargue races (‘fé di biou’). Its arenas, built of stone just as in the Roman era, are well appreciated and popular.

At the edge of the Cadoule river there are picnic tables, lighting and sports circuits, allowing everyone to enjoy this natural area of over 25 hectares, planted with oaks and pines. Close by, at the woods of Saint-Antoine many events are held, including the National Day of the Horse held in September. A must-see !

Out of interest, the suffix ‘argues’ means the ‘domain of’, so the name of the village could have stemmed from Venerianicus, a Roman military veteran who may well have received an estate as a reward. But this is only a guess because over the ages the village has had many names.