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An innovative space

A bit of history

The MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain is an ecosystem dedicated to contemporary art.

It is an artistic ecosystem that goes from training to collection, through production, exhibition and mediation, by bringing together an art school and two contemporary art centres.

It includes the following institutions:

  • The MO.CO. Panacée , a first-class contemporary art centre
  • The MO.CO. Esba (Montpellier School of Fine Arts)
  • The MO.CO. an exhibition space of 3500 m2 near the Saint Roch train station, open since 2019

Open to its territory, popular and resolutely innovative, the MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain reinforces the natural cultural attractiveness of Montpellier Méditerranée, making the city a stronghold of contemporary art and an international cultural destination.

Did you know ?

The MO.CO. Panacée hosts free exhibitions of local and national contemporary art throughout the year.

You will also find the Café de la Panacée, a restaurant with a pleasant patio – ideal for a break after discovering an exhibition or for coming to work in the sun.

The Café de la Panacée also offers family brunches on Sundays until 2pm!


The MO.CO. with a vidéo

Découvrez le MO.CO. en vidéo !

The MO.CO. and its collections

The MO.CO. offers temporary exhibitions of contemporary art presenting a collection of artists or a specific theme, often international.

The MO.CO. is a real place of life where all generations enjoy meeting up beyond the exhibition programme.

FAUNE restaurant, the park, the bookshop and the shop on the ground floor are all convivial spaces that give rhythm to daily life in Montpellier, day and night.

Good to know: the visit of the MO.CO. is free each first sunday of the month !

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Focus on... The Garden of the 5 continents

The MO.CO. houses the Garden of the Five Continents, an atlas garden designed by Bertrand Lavier.

The artist worked on a garden in the shape of a world map, composed of plant species from all over the world.

An emblematic watering can fountain, also designed by the artist, is integrated into the centre of this planted atlas.