A day with your family at the Lac du Crès

A day with your family at the Lac du Crès

As a true green place, the Crès Jean-Marie Rouché lake is a site much appreciated by its inhabitants and the local population.

The weather is good, your partner is hungry and the children need to let off steam: a classic that can quickly turn into a family crisis. Don’t panic, the Lac du Crès will put everyone in agreement.

Let’s go for a walk around the lake! And why don’t we stop for a while at the water’s edge, just to sit in the sun and watch the children play with the ducks? In summer, you can even go swimming!

While the first one learns to ride his bike with Daddy, Mummy gives the youngest one a snack in the shade of a tree. When they are older, they can choose to go jogging with Mum or fishing with Dad!

Practical information


Le Crès
We love

An easily accessible relaxation and leisure area
Please note: access is free but parking is charged (€2 per hour) from April to September

The bonus

Picnic and play areas are right next door

We can walk around the lake !

The tour of the lake is 2km long. Think of the bike rides and cycle paths in the area from Castelnau-le-Lez or Jacou!