Unmissable Parks and gardens

Montpellier gardens

Want to reconnect with Mother Nature? Montpellier is home to as many as thirty parks and gardens for a stroll, picnic or sunbathe: parks with history like the “Remarkable Garden” Jardin des Plantes and Parc du Peyrou, parks to keep fit like Grammont and Bois de Montmaur, fun-filled parks to unwind with the family and more.

Get away from it all without leaving Montpellier!


Porte du Peyrou, the statue of Louis XIV on horseback overlooking the promenade, the water tower and aqueduct framing the view… What a sight!

Le Peyrou is a royal square and belvedere with all-round views.

A fantastic statue of Louis XIV on horseback stands in the middle, made by the architect Jean Giral in 1774.

Whether you walk, ride a bike, push a pram or scoot on a scooter in Parc du Peyrou, you can venture up to the aqueduct’s arches to soak up stunning views of Montpellier and Pic St-Loup in the distance.

It’s a favourite haunt among locals and the perfect place for a picnic with friends. It’s a golden opportunity to unwind in front of a romantic sunset. If you’re here on Sunday morning then you can pick up a bargain at the flea market.

Chateau life The grounds of châteaux and Montpellier's iconic folliesthe famous Montpellier Follies

The best gardens in Montpellier are the secret ones…
 Just take the “follies“, holiday homes outside the city with fabulous gardens. 

See them for yourself at Château de Flaugergues or Château de la Mogère with their absolutely incredible French gardens: buffet d’eau fountains, ponds, vibrant flower beds and landscaped grounds.

Switch off from the daily grind and soak up the magic around you.

If time is on your side, stop at the Haguenot hotel grounds or Domaine d’O park, a 23 hectare park where you can wander through Mediterranean gardens, a 100 year old pine forest or olive grove…

Countryside in the City parks for everyone

Are you a sporty mum or dad? Bois de Montmaur is ideal for a run in the Mediterranean garrigue.

Are the kids keen skateboarders? The skatepark at Montpellier-Grammont is one of the biggest and best in France.

Do you have toddlers? There’s a playground off Esplanade Charles de Gaulle with grass, ponds and fountains near the city centre’s shops.

Is your little one learning to ride a bike? Parc Montcalm is the biggest sports park in Montpellier.

Walking the dog? Parc Méric is home to an untamed floral meadow famous for its springtime poppies by the Lez