An outing in the shade of the Castries aqueduct

An outing in the shade of the Castries aqueduct

Let’s go on a trip in the shade of the beautiful Castries aqueduct! This loop is ideal for a family walk or bike ride.

After parking at Domaine départemental de Fondespierre and a short walk, we reach a crossroads with a great view of Château de Castries and the lofty aqueduct.

René Gaspard de La Croix, Marquis de Castries, called upon Pierre-Paul Riquet, the bold engineer behind the Canal du Midi, to build the aqueduct. The famous landscape designer André Le Nôtre asked him to channel water to the Château de Castries grounds.

The aqueduct is 6822m long, built from local Castries stone and has just a 3m elevation. Its stars are the Grands Arcs, 20m high arches near the old town.

How to plan your aqueduct hike?