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Christmas lights and marketMontpellier during Christmas and New Year holidays

Christmas lights and market

Place de la Comédie

and Christmas market

Montpellier will make you love winter. The weather is mild here, even well into December, so shutting yourself in is out of the question. Start your walk on Place de la Comédie, in front of the giant Christmas Tree near the Opéra Comédie. It is certainly impressive and will make you a star on social media.

A quick selfie and you’ll get a record number of likes on Instagram. For that matter, if you enjoy taking pictures, keep your camera at the ready. With its façades, narrow streets and small squares, Montpellier is extremely photogenic.

A little further on, you’ll start to smell mulled wine in the air: you’re approaching the Christmas market during the Hivernales. Chalets, gifts, local products, and… what’s that? Santa’s carriage !