©Les Dimanches du Peyrou, grande brocante et antiquité sur la promenade du Peyrou|Christophe Ruiz 3M
Sunday It is flea market day on the Peyrou

Sunday is flea market day on the Peyrou

Every Sunday come to hunt for Antiques

What do you mean, “There’s nothing to do on Sundays”? You must not be familiar with the Peyrou…

A royal square, a promenade, a belvedere and a water tower: the Peyrou is all this and more. Its beauty alone makes you want to get up on a Sunday morning.

And more than just getting an eyeful, you can also walk away from the Peyrou with a lamp or a tea set unearthed at the famous flea market.

Each Sunday, merchants set up their stalls, bargain hunters compare the good deals they found, and those who haven’t found anything to their liking meet up at the refreshment stand. You never really leave Sunday on the Peyrou empty-handed.

How to organize Your day in the flea market ?

How does it take place ?

The “Dimanche du Peyrou” are free and open to all – remember to bring cash with you because some junk shops do not accept credit cards. Theme days until 5:30 p.m. are an opportunity to hunt around all day!

It is open on Sunday you will love it