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The Beer love fest The craft beer festival in Montpellier Next edition in September 2024

The Beer love fest What is it ?

This is the main festival for craft beers’ lovers in Montpellier (and for those who want to discover this universe !)

On the schedule for this month of September dedicated to tasting:

Discover beer differently throughout the week of the festival with workshops, conferences, concerts, beerpong, tastings, brewing, open houses….

And a grand finale with local, French and international brewers and many other festivities…- in 2023 it will take place in the Domaine d’O during the week-end.

Moreover you will enjoy DJ sets to spend a delicious time.

So if you too want to work on your palate, all in a festive and relaxed atmosphere, take advantage of this festival where all the richness of the Montpellier brewing scene is revealed.

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Ticketing isn’t available yet


Download the schedule directly here. More information soon

How to go there ?

Where does it take place ? during the week in the bars / Grand Final in the Domaine d’O Sud 178, rue de la Carriérasse
34090 Montpellier

Focus on... Craftbeer in Montpellier

Montpellier and its metropolis, which is part of the leading wine region in France, also has dozens of craft breweries offering varied and tasty beers, some of which have already made themselves known on the French or even European market.

These include: La Malpolon in Lavérune, Zoobrew in Saint Jean de Védas, Fauve in Mauguio, Prizm in Vendargues, Sacrilège, Brewing Bears and La Barbote in Montpellier…and many more!