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The Olive Festival Discovering the "queen of the aperitif" Next edition in October 8th 2023

The Olive Festival What is it ?

In October we celebrate the olive in Pignan.

It is the queen of the aperitif! and in all its forms!

At the schedule :

Producers’ and craftsmen’s market, exhibitions, entertainment, games for children… and of course tastings of olives and dishes made from olives, olive oil and all the products derived from this characteristic fruit of the Mediterranean regions.



The event is free and open to all !


Download the schedule directly here. More information soon.

How to go there ?

C’est où ? Parc du château, Pignan, 34570

Where does it take place ? Castle’s grounds, Pignan, 34750

Focus on... Pignan

The olive festival is ideal to discovere the medieval village of Pignan with the Tourist Office!

Pignan is first and foremost a medieval heart from which the towers of the castle of the Counts of Turenne stand out. It is then a 2nd enclosure where beautiful classical constructions are hidden. Then, beyond the clock tower, stretches the beautiful vineyard architecture typical of Languedoc villages.