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Arabesques Arab World Arts Festival Next edition in September 2024

Arabesques What is it ?

Meet the arts of the Arab world !

Initiated in 2006 by the Uni’Sons association, the Arabesques festival brings together nearly 200,000 people every year and represents a unique opportunity to discover through music, theater, storytelling, screenings, dance, calligraphy, a culture combining traditional artistic heritage and contemporary creation.

Arabesques in video

Discover the festival in video!

Next edition in September from 10th to 22th 2024



Ticketing isn’t available yet – more information soon


Download the schedule directly here – more information soon

How to go there ?

Where does it take place ?Domaine d’O, Opéra Comédie, Airport, Hôtel Mercure Comédie Centre, Diagonal Capitole…

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