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Adopt the right eco-responsible behaviour on our territory

Adopt the right eco-responsible behaviour on our territory

Good practice

Whether you are on holiday or close to home, you too can act!

  • To avoid fires: don’t make fires, don’t smoke, don’t throw cigarette butts or matches, clear the surroundings if you live on the edge of a forest
  • To preserve species: do not disturb bird nests, especially in spring during the breeding season, use binoculars to observe them rather than approaching them, prefer to come in the morning when birds are most active and temperatures are cooler, keep your pet on a leash, especially during the nesting period (April to July)
  • To protect the ecosystems: do not pick protected plants, do not bring back sand, shells or pebbles as a souvenir, stay on the marked paths, do not trample the undergrowth of the rivers
  • To respect the marine fauna and flora: choose an environmentally friendly sun cream (25% of the cream is diluted in the water!), even swim in a T-shirt to use less sun cream, do not pick up coral
  • To avoid crowds and limit the impact of tourist activity, choose times or periods when there are fewer visitors to the sites
    • To participate in respecting the environment: favour eco-responsible activities, don’t park anywhere, make sure that camping or bivouac is possible, collect all your waste and sort it according to local instructions, reduce air conditioning by lowering the shutters or drawing the curtains and, when driving, by using a sun visor when parked
    • Encourage carpooling for trips not covered by a public or sustainable transport service
    • To manage and sort your waste: Whether you are on holiday or at home, don’t throw it away just anywhere, sorting your waste is a priority everywhere and all year round! The Metropolis of Montpellier puts everything at your disposal, so it’s simple to do something for the planet.
      Waste sorting on our territory
      Waste collection
      The 10 eco-responsible gestures
    • Favour short circuits and local products
    • Reduce plastic: use a glass gourd that you fill as needed, ask for reusable cups, have a totebag made of natural material (prefer linen which is less polluting than cotton), a recyclable shopping bag or tote to do your shopping…

    General recommendations  in the event of a heatwave alert

    • Keep up to date with the situation on,, or by listening to France Bleu Hérault
    • Refresh yourself regularly. The city publishes a map on of water points, cool places and air-conditioned public facilities, open exceptionally or with extended opening hours. Numerous fountains are also available to the public in parks and gardens
    • Do not go out during the hottest hours (11-21h) and avoid physical effort
    • Check on your family and friends

    During the risk period forest fires

    • Find out the daily vigilance level by consulting the departmental map
    • Do not light fires or barbecues in or near wooded areas
    • Do not undertake any work that causes sparks on fire alert days: in areas exposed to forest fires and in the 200-metre strip
    • Be up to date with the legal obligation to clear brushwood imposed on certain owners to limit the start and spread of fires
    • Anticipate the means to fight a possible outbreak of fire (water points, equipment, etc.).

    In the event of a fire starting :

    • Alert the fire brigade by dialling 112 or 18 and follow their instructions
    • Clear the access roads
    • Turn off the gas and electricity in your home
    • Do not expose yourself to flames.

    Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole commitments

    ► Zero waste goal in Montpellier!

    Zéro Déchet consists in reducing waste at the source as much as possible.
    This association, a branch of Zero Waste France, works all year long to promote this approach, through various actions!

    Become actors of the ecological and solidarity transition!

    As an economic actor, you are actors of this transformation. Resources can help you to improve your societal approaches.

    ► Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole’s sustainable development policy

    The sustainable development policy in order to preserve its environment aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions by controlling housing, transport, production and consumption, while preserving natural resources and making greater use of renewable energy.

    ► Montpellier Metropole, Low Emission Zone

    A Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is a perimeter in which the circulation of the most polluting vehicles is limited or prohibited. This is a mandatory national scheme created by the Loi d’Orientation des Mobilités (LOM) in 2019.

    Do you have your Crit’Air sticker?

    ► Who do you carpool to work with?

    Klaxit is the Montpellier Metropole’s home-to-work carpooling service. The Klaxit magic formula is simple: thanks to Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, drivers are paid and passengers’ journeys are offered.

    Participate in the preservation of an entire region

    When you come to our territory, you will certainly go beyond its borders to explore our beautiful region Occitania.

    The treasures of Occitania are also yours. For more than 20 years, the Region has been working to preserve the exceptional environment that makes the Occitanie Sud de France destination so rich. Take part in this positive momentum. What should you do if you want to become a responsible traveller?

    Adopt the right attitude