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Exploring The Art Galleries Montpellier Méditerranée

Exploring the art galleries

Looking for inspiration and aesthetics? Push the doors of the art galleries to discover talented and emerging artists, where all the arts are represented. In Montpellier, lively exhibition spaces open up to you. Art you ready ?

Contemporary Creation

{ES}ART FACTORY is a multiple place, between Art Gallery, Permanent Collection, Artist’s Workshop, and artistic salon (readings, music, dance, meetings).

The Fonds régional d’art contemporain Occitanie Montpellier (FRAC) supports artists in the development of their art while ensuring visibility for their work.
It presents regular exhibitions.

At the Galerie de l’Ancien Courrier, contemporary painters exalt the brightness of the shadow and the light of the South. It is a contemporary art with a rather figurative tendency; most of the artists come from the Occitanie region, extended to Catalonia.

On the ground floor of the Arbre Blanc, La Serre is entirely dedicated to contemporary creation. It houses exhibitions, artists’ conferences and a co-working space where young talents rub shoulders with established artists such as Errò or Robert Combas.

Art brut and Free Figuration

The Musée d’Art Brut showcases the major works of creators “untouched by any artistic culture”, self-taught, inspired, sometimes maladjusted to society, sometimes rebellious, often poetic.