Montpellier, an outstanding city Luxury accommodation and magical hotels

Luxury accommodation and magical hotels

Check out our selection of luxury accommodation in Montpellier Méditerranée so you can explore Montpellier and stay somewhere magical!
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A unique and bespoke experience in outstanding locations in central Montpellier or the great outdoors.

Montpellier Méditerranée holds its own against the big cities with 5 Michelin-starred restaurants, two 5* hotels, eleven 4* hotels, world-renowned architectural “follies” and iconic cultural venues.

There’s no price on excellence and luxury.

From the stand-out Soulages collection at the Fabre Museum and the precious and exclusive temporary exhibitions at MO.CO Montpellier Contemporain, to the magical contemporary Richer de Belleval in a historical building looking over the cathedral and the gourmet bistro restaurants that have sprung up all over Montpellier, experience another side to the city as you explore these addresses.