gastronomy 10 products to bring back  from your stay in Montpellier

10 local products to bring back from your stay

Bring a slice of Montpellier home in your suitcase! End your stay on a delicious high!

When it’s time for a tastebud-tingling treat, head to Halles Laissac or delis for olives, tielles, quiches, tapenades and more. Pick up a bit of everything, hop on the cool tram 4 and stop for a sun-kissed picnic on Place du Peyrou. The best of the Mediterranean to eat in or take away!

Your tastebuds won’t forget this trip to local food shops in and around the city centre!

Raisiné de Montpellier jam, Grisettes de Montpellier liquorice balls, Thierry Papereux chocolate, local syrups from Pic Saint Loup… Mouth-watering ideas for children and adults alike!


The Escalettes of Montpellier
Les Escalettes are the classic Languedoc waffle cooked in an iron griddle. It’s light, crisp, softly scented and has a beautiful design.

The Zézettes of Sète
Zézette breadsticks contain a hint of local rosé wine dusted with sugar crystals to give them their signature texture.

Montpellier is just as famous for its wine with Grés de Montpellier, Pic Saint-Loup and AOC du Languedoc tipples to treat yourself or someone special to at wine shops and wineries; cheese such as Pélardon…

You can’t think of Montpellier without thinking of the Mediterranean, so don’t forget to indulge in delicious Lucques olives, tapenades and olive oils from the likes of Domaine de l’Oulivie.

If you want a souvenir of the Petite Camargue next door: Camargue rice or Aigues-Mortes salt will tide you over before your trip back to Montpellier!


The vinegar of the Montpellier vinegar factory
There are no more than ten master vinegar makers in France. And one of them is in Montpellier! He puts his care and patience into making vinegar true to local tradition, using wine from Hérault winemakers.

The Infuse Herbal Tea
Infuse is both a herbal tea bar and herbalist’s shop. Géraldine and Nathalie put their advice into brewing up herbal teas for you to drink in or take away!

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