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The secrets of tapenade

The secrets of tapenade

Want to know everything about this tasty little olive puree? Discover all the secrets of tapenade here!

The traditional recipe

Does tapenade ring a bell? Yes, of course, these mashed olives that you spread on toast as an aperitif in summer!

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in it…?

  • olives : ok
  • capers (hence the name, as tapera means capers in Occitan) : ok
  • anchovies : ok
  • garlic : ok
  • oliveoil : ok

Everything is there to make a tapenade worthy of those tasted in Montpellier, in Provence and around the Mediterranean.


This speciality of the South of France appeared in 1880 in Marseille, but olive purees were already used two centuries before Christ.

The recipe has thus developed into a French and Mediterranean gastronomic delight.

In Montpellier and throughout the region, discover olive growing estates, producers of olive oil but also of the famous tapenade or more simply of olive puree. A complete visit from the olive tree to the olive oil… a moment of discovery for the whole family.

And because the olive is emblematic of our region, a chocolate speciality has even been created! You can taste it in the grocery shops of the city!