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Follies : châteaux, gardens and wine

Follies : châteaux, gardens and wine

In Montpellier, when you have a “follie”, there is nothing to worry about, quite the contrary. Here, a follie is a second home built under the Ancien Régime by the nobility, a castle.

And guess who can enjoy it today? These magnificent residences open their doors, their gardens and even their cellars or ultra modern vaults.

In fact, in Montpellier, when you do something crazy, you have a great day.

Château  de l'Engarran

This 18th century building is one of the most beautiful Follies in Montpellier. It has combined wine and fine architecture since its construction in 1632, on the site of
an old farm. Following a long winegrowing tradition, the property’s vines are in the PDO of Saint Georges d’Orques.

Let the wine always flow and the revelry continue… For revelry is still very much
the order of the day here: the property regularly organizes festive evenings for
wine lovers. The cherry on the cake: Château de l’Engarran has its own wine museum, with a display of the various equipment that have been used since 1885.

Château  de Flaugergues

Flaugergues is also one of the last wine properties in the city, whose wines
are well respected, and which has been a wine tourism pioneer, organizing themed tours and tastings at the château so as to offer a complete wine experience.

The vineyard of the Château de Flaugergues, with a surface area of 25 hectares, is located in the Coteaux du Languedoc, more precisely in the heart of the AOC Languedoc- Grés de Montpellier and Languedoc-La Mejanelle.

The Folia restaurant, in the adjoining buildings, completes the wine tourism experience of Flaugergues and seduces the gastronomes.

The bonus

The many events organised throughout the year in these “Follies”

What we love

The rich history of these Montpellier residences


The gardens of the Château de Flaugergues awarded the “Remarkable Gardens” label