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A day at the Zoo of Lunaret Montpellier

80 hectares of nature, 11 km of paths… and it’s all free! The Lunaret zoological park in Montpellier is today the largest green space in the city and the best place to see wildlife animals!

IMPORTANT: Due to the high risk of fire, the park is regularly closed in summer

A day At the zoo

Let’s go for a full day of exploration of the Lunaret zoo. Lions, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, they are all there!

The kids will love it and so will we. The large car park just in front of the zoo entrance makes it easy to get there, it’s 10:30 and here we are already in the zoo. We have a look at the map and when we see all that there is to discover, we realize it’s really a chance that this place is free.

Great, at the entrance of the zoo they explain that we can meet animal caretakers todays!

And there we learn a lot of things about the daily life of a zookeeper, the care given to the animals, but also some anecdotes about the zoo’s residents!

And above all we are told that births at the Zoo are common! Baby animals grow up peacefully in this environment and we get the chance to watch them…

Hugo would like to go and see the rhinos now, we continue our journey, they are quiet animals! Just by turning the head we discover the giraffes, zebras with babies too.

It’s time for a picnic, and we have the choice, there are 5 picnic areas in the park. After this little break, we see dromedaries, wild dogs, onager, oryx

Moreover, by reading the signs in front of the enclosures, we really understand that the Montpellier Zoo participates in the European Breeding Programmes (EEP) with the big European parks with the objective of reintroducing the species in their natural environment. A great project.

The children enjoy the playground! You can also follow a botanical trail and discover the local flora. After all that, we see the lions and wolves in this last area of the park. The path is steep, we still need strength to go back up!

What a day! Hugo and Eva are delighted, they spent a day of adventure and discovery.

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