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River Lez: discovering Montpellier by canoe

River Lez: discovering Montpellier by canoe

Did you know that Montpellier was crossed by a river, the Lez? A surprising nature trip, without leaving the city! Head for the Lavalette base!

Discover Montpellier by canoe (only in summer time)

And in the middle of Montpellier flows a river. A river even, the Lez. In fact, it’s a great idea to go for a walk when it’s too crowded at the beach or if you’re in need of fresh water.

The Lez River is waiting for you for a canoeing session at the Lavalette base, an introduction to kayak-polo or a fresh fishing trip in July. You don’t even need to take the car, it runs through Montpellier. Right in the centre of the city, a large family of swans has settled here for convenience.

In August, jump in your canoe and wave to them.

And on a canoe, it’s also the best way to admire Montpellier contemporary architecture!

Base Nautique de Lavalette-Agropolis
1076 Rue Jean François Breton, 34090 Montpellier France
+334 67 61 19 19

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