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Heritage and museums Be an archaeologist for a day

What was daily life like in the Neolithic period? In Lattes or in Murviel-Les-Montpellier we explain it to you very well. Put on your safari jacket and let’s go for an archaeology day.

Be an archaeologist  for a day

Founded a long time ago by the Etruscans, Lattes (or Lattara as it was called) was a very active trading port.

Today, the town has not lost its charm and goes back in history at the archaeological site Lattara – Musée Henri Prades. Ceramics, tools, crockery, jewellery, mosaics… the numerous exhibitions, the festival of antiquity or the heritage days dissect the last millennia.

Are you sure you only see a hill in Murviel-Les-Montpellier? However, the archaeological site of Castellas was home to a huge city, surrounded by monumental walls. Dig around and you’ll see.

Or follow the guide to discover the ancient city of Samnaga: explore the ruins of the forum, this large public square decorated with mosaics and painted plasterwork still in place! The most beautiful objects discovered on the site since the 19th century can be seen in the Paul Soyris Museum in the centre of the village.