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The charm  of the workshops of Saint Roch

The charm of the workshops of Saint Roch

Designers, jewellers, ceramists, glassmakers, leather designers… Montpellier is full of designers and craftsmen who invite you to discover their boutique workshops and their contemporary creations based on traditional know-how.

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Dad already has 11 neckties, Mum has become allergic to perfume, and you never know what to get for Granny. Do you put the “resent” in “present” each year? Not this time.

Thanks to the craftspeople of Ateliers Saint Roch! In their shops/studios, ceramicists, clothing designers, potters and creators of all sorts try to outdo one another with their inventiveness. Tucked away in the back streets of the city’s historical centre, the doors to these small, charming galleries are wide open to you.

Artists and collectors, these arts and crafts lovers will invite you to discover their Made in Montpellier style of expertise. To your shopping totes…