Jardin PeyrouJardin Peyrou
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Explore Montpellier On foot

On foot

Discover the unique character of Montpellier through its large pedestrian areas: its historic centre, its squares, its fountains, the Place du Peyrou, Antigone, Odysseum
Beautiful walks to discover the city!

An ideal city for a pedestrian discovery

Montpellier is a pedestrian destination. No stress, no noise. There are no cars in the heart of the city.

As soon as you arrive at the St Roch station, you are plunged into a vast pedestrian area.

Our advice for discovering it?

Forget your map and get lost in these narrow streets. On the agenda: shopping in the shops with vaulted ceilings, where you will find designers, antique dealers and tea rooms, a cultural visit to the Pavillon Populaire, the Fabre Museum, the St Ravy Gallery… a journey through time!

Open the doors of the courtyards of private mansions.

With their massive gates, wide, well-lit courtyards and staircases with wrought iron balustrades, Montpellier has nearly 80 private mansions built in the classical period. These courtyards of private mansions are real hidden gems and can only be discovered today with the Tourist Office as part of guided tours.

However, keep your eyes open! It is not uncommon for some of these doors to be opened for a few precious moments at the turn of a street. The walk through the city then takes on a more unexpected form…

With the tourist office, discover the city, its history and its districts thanks to the numerous guided tours!

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