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Parking in Montpellier

Parking in Montpellier

Helpful information for parking in Montpellier: overflow car parks are located on the outskirts of the city and linked to the tram line (car park+tram), covered or outdoor car parks and parking areas.

For your day trips into the city, we highly recommend the parking + tram option.

Do you have an electric car?

Find the map of charging stations below.

Parking + Tram

Nearly 5,000 available parking spaces.

The 9 P+trams are accessible to all, in 4 ways:

  • Free for TaM subscribers (monthly and annual season tickets, free pass on TaM or M’Ticket card)
  • With the purchase of a P+tram pass at ticket machines
  • With a single-mode P+tram season ticket
  • With hourly fares

Which parking lots offer this service?

Tramway line 1 : Circé à Odysseum, Euromédecine, Mosson, Occitanie
Tramway line 2 : Saint-Jean-le-Sec, Notre-Dame de Sablassou et Sabines
Tramway line 4 : Garcia Lorca

Opening hours
7j/7, 24h/24

How does it work?
Regardless of the number of passengers in the vehicle, parking costs €5.20 (€3.70 for holders of the Metropolitan Pass), giving the right to a free return tram ticket for each of the car’s occupants.

Parking in the P+TraM is limited to 24 consecutive hours to take advantage of the parking included in the P+TraM package (as well as the free parking offered to those who have a TaM season ticket).
All the car parks + tramways have spaces reserved for PRM.

    The 7 local car parks are accessible free of charge.

    Please note: the P+tram pass is not available in local car parks.

    • Tramway line 2: Via Domitia (Rue Olympie, Le Crès), Georges Pompidou, Jacou (Avenue Hélène Maingain, Jacou) – currently temporarily closed: Saint-Jean de Védas centre
    • Tramway line 3: Juvignac (Chemin des Caunelles, Juvignac), Pérols Centre (Rue Georges Barnoyer, Pérols), Lattes Centre (Avenue de l’Europe, Lattes)

    Outdoor and indoor parking lots

    Arceaux (currently closed because of archeological excavations), Europa, Pitot, Polygone, Triangle, Laissac, Comédie, Gambetta, Foch préfecture, Arc de Triomphe, Nombre d’Or, Corum

    See the accesses to the town-centre car parks

    Tourist coaches Parking

    • Rue Paladilhe (2 places) along Place Max Rouquette: North entrance (exit A709 n ° 28), direction city center – les Arceaux, near Place Royale du Peyrou in the Arceaux district.
    • Parking Joffre, rue d’Argencourt

    The "M'Ticket TaM" application

    Buy your transport and parking tickets on your smartphone, with the “M’Ticket TaM” application.

    • Pay for your hourly parking, your monthly resident pass and your professional pass for the entire Montpellier on-street car park.
    • You are alerted before your parking ticket expires by notification on your smartphone.
    • Extend your parking ticket in 2 clicks from the application
    • Get a free half-hour of parking every day, just like at a parking meter, by simply requesting it from TaM (online or in the Mobility Centre)
    • The M’Ticket app also allows you to hire a self-service Velomagg

    Access for people with reduced mobility (PRM)

    Paid car parks  close to the Tourist Office

    • Access to the Comedy car park: reserved spaces for disabled people on all levels.

    More convenient access: reserved spaces on level -1 near the lift (esplanade exit). Manually operated door to the lift on the left of the stairs. The tourist office is approximately 100m away.

    If you are accessing levels – 4, -3 and -2: take the first lift to level -1. Go to the automatic cashiers to take the second lift which will take you to the esplanade.

    • Access to the Corum car park: reserved spaces on all levels, exit to the Charles de Gaulle esplanade by lift (exit at the Spanish Republicans’ lane).

    Access to the tourist office: at the exit of the car park, take the sloping path towards the Charles de Gaulle esplanade. The tourist office is approximately 400 m away.

    • Access to the Polygone car park: reserved spaces on all levels.

    PRM access indicated: exit via 2 lifts located near the reserved spaces, one exit on the Monoprix side and another on the Banque Populaire side.

    The lifts arrive at level -1 (on the side of the music 34 shop), then go to the lift near the Paul sign (lift for disabled people indicated, manually operated lift).
    Take another lift out to the left to access the ground floor towards the Place de la Comédie. The tourist office is about 300m away.

    Access for disabled people at the Peyrou drop-off point

    PRM access from the Peyrou drop-off point to the Montpellier tourist office:

    Take rue Foch by crossing the Bd. du Prof. L.Vialleton from the Place Royale du Peyrou, Bd. with cobbled floor and presence of a steep slope at the beginning of rue Foch, then level hard floor with a slight downward slope. The left-hand pavement at the start of Rue Foch has a larger surface area and the pavement boats along the route have smaller slopes.

    At rue de la Barralerie or rue Saint Firmin, cross to the other side of rue Foch (watch out for passing vehicles), continue on the pavement to the beginning of rue de la Loge. Continue on the rue de la loge, downhill, until you reach the Place de la Comédie: arrival at the Opera Comédie.

    The tourist office is located on the Place de la Comédie opposite the Opera.

    It takes about 500 m to walk from the beginning of the rue de la loge.

    On-street parking for people with reduced mobility

    • Reserved PMR spaces: The use of spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility remains free of charge and does not require the vehicle to be declared.
    • Paid parking spaces: CES/CMI card holders benefit from free parking for 24 consecutive hours. This is on condition that they declare their vehicle and register their number plate beforehand.

    Good to know:
    The entire M’Ticket application is translated into English. The display is based on the language of the phone.