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All our guided tours for groups Keys to History

All our guided tours “Keys to History”

Discover all our “Keys to History” group tours in Montpellier! Exciting tours of the city, where tradition meets modernity.

Our guided tours for groups


From the Benedictine chapel to the cathedral

An extraordinary history: from the Benedictine chapel which Pope Urban V wanted in the 14th century, it became a cathedral in the 16th, thanks to its enormous dimensions.

It is a representative example of the Gothic style in the South of France and the only medieval church in the Ecusson to have survived the Wars of Religion.

UNIQUE! Entry to the Urbain V Tower* included !

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group + 1€/INDIV.**

*Good level of physical fitness recommended. 200 steps. Groups of up to 18 people.

** 160€ + 1€/pers. for small groups (under 10 indiv.)

2. The Place de la Comédie past and present

A dive into the heart of Montpellier

The Place de la Comédie and the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle are currently undergoing renovation work, with a view to unveiling their new faces in 2025.

The Tourist Office is taking advantage of this to offer you an exceptional tour of the history of these two legendary Montpellier landmarks from the past to the present day.

Take a stroll with your guide through time, from the esplanade’s military and defensive past to the elegant Place de la Comédie, a meeting place and entertainment venue that has continued to evolve over the centuries.

Many well-known monuments will be mentioned along the way, as well as details that are well worth a closer look. At the end of the tour, take a look at the future of these not-to-be-missed sites. It’s a useful way of understanding these sites and their future.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group **

*Groups of up to 18 people.

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)

3. 1622, the siege of Montpellier and the citadel

In the footsteps of the Citadel

The siege of the town by Louis XIII and his troops began on 31rst August 1622. This date marked a turning point in the History.

It was part of a long period of more than two centuries of confrontation between Catholics and Protestants. The citadel was born of this event and has since had a unique destiny.

The tour we offer tells this story, taking you inside the citadel (now occupied by the Lycée Joffre) and visiting places of remembrance on the Esplanade and in the Ecusson.

Come and listen to the testimonies left by the men and women of that time and imagine Montpellier differently…

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group **

*Groups of up to 30 people.

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)

4. Domaine Bonnier de la Mosson

A former “Folie” from Montpellier

Built in 1723 by Joseph Bonnier de la Mosson, Treasurer of the States of Languedoc, the Château de la Mosson is an exceptional monument, of which only the vestiges remain today: the grand salon with its superb gypseries, statues, terraces, park and grandiose water buffet.

Thanks to your guide and his explanations, you’ll be able to reconstruct the glorious past of this nugget of Montpellier’s heritage.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group **

*up to 30 people

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)

5. Guitarmakers' secrets

Outstanding expertise

An exclusive tour that’s sure to make hearts beat faster. After looking at some of the places that have marked the history of music in Montpellier, one of the city’s 11 luthiers will talk about his work and share his passion with you.

It’s a moving encounter in a workshop filled with the scent of wood and varnish.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group** + 6,00€ / indiv.

*Groups up to 20 people

**160€ + 6,00€ / indiv. for small groups (under 10 indiv.)

6. The Law Courts

Jean Jacques Régis de Cambacérès the creator of the Civil Code

Since its recent restoration, Montpellier’s Palais de Justice (Law Courts) has impressed passers-by even more. Its Corinthian columns, sculpted pediment and high steps give it the air of a temple, commanding respect and authority.

This tour will take you on a journey of discovery of this monument built in the 19th century.
Learn about its history and current affairs in the various courtrooms, and discover the work of Jean-Jacques Régis de Cambacérès, the Montpellier-born creator of the Civil Code.

From 188€ INCL.VAT/group**

*Groups up to 30 people

**160€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)



From the fortified walls to the Astronomical Society

A gleaming remnant of the Commune Clôture (the fortified walls that protected the city of Montpellier in the Middle Ages), the Babote Tower became dedicated to astronomy in the 18th century.

Raised not once but twice over the years, it is now home to Montpellier Astronomical Society, one of whose members will explain its present-day activities.

From 220€ INCL.VAT/group**

*Groups up to 17 people

**195€ for small groups (under 10 indiv.)