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Located 15 km east of Montpellier, Castries is dominated by its castle and adorned with a beautiful aqueduct which you can discover on a hiking trail through vineyards and pine forests.

Castries takes its name from an ancient Roman Castrum located on the Via Domitia built to link Italy to the Spanish peninsula.


The château de Castries

The castle is mentioned from the end of the 11th century. Listed as a historic monument in 1966, it is adorned with a french garden designed by Louis XIV’s gardener, André Le Nôtre.

The aqueduct

An aqueduct was needed to bring water to the garden.

Built in 1676, it was designed by Pierre-Paul Riquet,  the Canal du Midi engineer. It links the Fongrand sources to Guzargues over 7 kms, 1.8 km of which are elevated. Its elegant arches can be admired by following the public footpaths.

The old village of Castries

Take the Avenue de la Promenade from the arches of the old oil mill next to the Hôtel de Ville to the Place de l’Église, the old Halles and the medieval houses built over vaulted cellars.

Also not to be missed in Castries

  • The quarries listed as a historic monument

    Castries stone is known as “blue” limestone and is made up of shells, coral, algae and shark tooth fossils.

  • Fondespierre

    Dating back to the Gallo-Roman period, this old farmhouse is a great starting point for many walks and leisure activities (tennis, mountain biking, fitness trail…)

  • The Tourilles bridge

    Originally made up of three arches, this bridge in Romanesque style spans the waters of the Cadoule river.

  • The bridge over the Cadoule (1768)

This structure has a “basket-handle” arch and bears the arms of Cardinal Pierre de Bonzy and  Raymond Durfort,  Bishops of Montpellier.

  • Commandery of the Knights Templar of Saint-Michel de Bannières (11th century)

The remains bear witness to the intense activity that reigned here until 1307, when the Order of the Temple was disbanded.

Want to go hiking?

Hiking around the Castries Aqueduct

Departing from the Domaine de Fondespierre, enjoy a hike around the Castries Aqueduct!

►Duration: 3h  /  ►Distance: 11km  / ►Difficulty: Easy

Discovering the Cadoule

Take the Cadoule interpretation trail from the Bannières bridge.

The green network

An approved short hiking trail starts at the Domaine de Fondespierre.

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