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My day of farniente and culture

My day of farniente and culture

It’s under a beautiful sun that I decided to take the time for a well-deserved day of relaxation and culture!

Between a walk in the medieval streets, exhibitions, brunch and street art, I propose you to discover Montpellier in a cool way.

Walk in the shade of the plane trees

I leave the tram line 1 signed by the designers Garouste and Bonetti at the Corum to climb the 111 steps that lead to the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. There, lulled by the crackling of the fountain, I stroll among the bookstalls of the book market, letting myself be invaded by this typically Mediterranean art of living.

Did you know that?
If you are a fan of old books, come and browse among the book dealers every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm to find some literary gems. All free of charge, of course.

A good deal

Many museums are free with the City Card!

Your Ticket to AdventureMontpellier City Card

From 19€. Discounts and freebies. Save up to 60% with the 24 hr City Card!

Visit more, spend less.

An afternoon of discoveries

I suggest that you go down the very chic Avenue Foch (our very own Champs-Elysées) to branch off into the small old streets of the historic centre of the Écusson. There, you can stroll between unusual shops and buildings full of history. Don’t hesitate to push open the door of a private mansion to discover the most beautiful hidden secrets of Montpellier.

Take a diversion to the Place de la Canourgue, the most beautiful square in the city, or the Place du Marché aux Fleurs for a drink in the sun while listening to the lapping of the fountain. On the way, don’t forget to look around and, above all, to look up! Numerous works of street art are hidden throughout the city: Space Invaders, graphic collages, bicycles embedded in the walls… Because in Montpellier, culture is everywhere, all the time. #CultureIntensive

Ready for a shopping trip ?

After the effort, the comfort. The city centre is full of all kinds of shops! Concept stores, incense shops, tea shops, independent bookstores and second-hand stores form an amazing mosaic in which you will find what you are looking for. Amongst them, I advise you to visit  Ibizcus with its crafts, fashion accessories and decoration from several countries.

And don’t forget the unmissable Polygone shopping centre, a steps away from the Comédie.

GOOD DEAL: with the Polygone loyalty chequebook, take advantage of a 10% discount on a selection of products in the Tourist Office shop

Your children will love it