Heritage and follies Château des Évêques in Lavérune

Château des Evêques, in Lavérune

The Château des Evêques, also called the Château de Lavérune, was the residence of the Bishops of Montpellier in the 17th and 18th centuries.


First a feudal castle, the building later became a religious building where Joachim Colbert de Croissy, nephew of the great Colbert, lived.

On the ground floor, you can  admire the “Italian-style” music room, whose walls are adorned with gypsum mouldings representing musical instruments, cherubs, hunting trophies and other fashionable objects in the time of Louis XV.

In 1789, the house was seized, and a few years later it became a laboratory for plant experiments.


Listed as a historical monument, the castle is now a place for walks, meetings and numerous events.

It houses the Hofer-Bury museum and its large collection of modern art, as well as the Jean de la Fontaine media library, of which the former castle kitchen, the dining room and the chapel are now part.

Take a walk in the castle park under its century-old trees! The noble residence is surrounded by a park planted with cypresses and plane trees, embellished with ponds in the ornate French garden style.

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Avenue du Château, Lavérune


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Getaway to Lavérune
Getaway to Lavérune
Located at the gates of Montpellier, in the south-west, Lavérune is home to some beautiful residences, Montpellier "follies", to be discovered: the Château des Évêques and its museum of contemporary art, and the Château de l'Engarran, a vineyard estate.

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