Arceaux Montpellier VéloArceaux Montpellier Vélo
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District Les Arceaux under the aqueduct

Les Arceaux

Another district where life is good!

In the shade of the Arceaux aqueduct and its 236 arches, pétanque players meet to have a good time, as one would in a village. With family or friends, take your time.

The Arceaux Market

Young people come here for a quick snack, Montpellier’s toddlers take their first steps,
and learn to ride a bike, while older citizens take their afternoon walk under the hundredyear- old plane trees, and everyone enjoys the fabulous market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

People come to stock up on local produce at the stalls of market gardeners, cheese makers, bakers, etc. on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Many of the producers and sellers present are organic. Whether you want to shop or stroll around, it’s a very pleasant market.



Immediately identifiable by its spectacular Roman-inspired aqueduct, the Arceaux is one of the city’s historic districts.

A real emblem of Montpellier, the 800 metre long aqueduct was designed by the  engineer Henri Pitot, who drew his inspired from the Pont du Gard, and supplied
the town with drinking water until the 1960s!

It has always been a smart, bourgeois neighbourhood, with beautiful mansions and  gardens; over the years it has gradually become more “bobo” (bourgeoisbohemian).

Enjoy a pleasant stroll under the arches, going back up via the stairs, between the magnolias, to the belvedere in the Peyrou gardens, the highest point in the city, where
you can take some magnificent photos. Les Arceaux has a village atmosphere, enhanced by the tranquillity of the Royal esplanade in the Peyrou that overlooks the district.