North-west of Montpellier on the way to Saint James of Compostela, Grabels lies between garrigue and the Mosson plains. The Avy source, also called ‘Madame’s bottom’ after the evocative shapes of the rocks, is worth seeing.


Grabels is located on the Via Tolosana, one of the famous Saint James of Compostela ways, also known as the Arles Way (GR653).

900 kms long, it crosses the South of France from Arles to Montpellier, Toulouse to Pau before joining Spain.

Discover the historical alleyways of Grabels, the banks of the Mosson, the surrounding garrigue and also the ‘bugadières’, those washerwomen who collected the linen from the weathly people
of Montpellier to wash it then dry it on the aromatic plants of the garrigue before taking it back to their owners one week later.

This activity ‘la bugaga’,  (buée in old French) lasted more than three centuries.
For the epicurians, a visit to the short circuit market held on Saturday morning is a must. A market praised by the national press for its labels that guarantee the absence of middle men.  Enjoy yourselves !