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AUX GRÉS DE MONTPELLIER Gastronomic Walk Next edition in May 2025

Aux grés de Montpellier What is it ?

This is THE gourmet and wine tourism stroll of the Spring not to be missed in Montpellier!

It offers all epicureans a route through emblematic heritage and natural sites such as the Parc Méric, the Domaine de la Valette, etc.

A glass of wine in hand, enjoying the fresh air and the mild spring, you go from discovery to discovery on the 6km of the path.

Over the course of the six stages punctuated by entertainment, a real gastronomic menu based around the AOC Languedoc and Languedoc Grés de Montpellierappellation awaits you! Something to satisfy your taste buds as connoisseurs or enlightened amateurs.

All punctuated by meetings and sharing with the winegrowers who will present to you all the richness of the Occitan terroirs and wines.

Focus on the edition 2025

Next edition in May 2025

In the meantime, discover the gastronomic walk with a video



Ticketing isn’t opened yet


Find the schedule directly here – more information soon

How to go there ?

Where does it take place ? the starting point of the route: CREPS  : 2 Av. Charles Flahault, 34090 Montpellier