Château De Bocaud JacouChâteau De Bocaud Jacou
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Heritage and Follies Château de Bocaud in Jacou

Château de Bocaud

Located in the centre of Jacou, the former property of the Bocaud family dates from 1469. The buildings were turned into a château in the 17th century which then grew further over time.

The inside is not open to visitors. The 9 hectares of gardens are arranged in terraces; there is a romantic garden with a small lake and paths lined with lush vegetation in the 19th century English style, and then a French garden, characterized by symmetry, straight lines and more controlled vegetation.

An abundance of gardens

In 1469, Raoul Bocaud, the first of a family of high-ranking magistrates, bought some farmland in Jacou and had a house built on it.

Later, Pierre de Bocaud, the regional Auditor-General, had the building remodelled in a 17th century style. The building was changed further in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This Montpellier folie overlooks terraces connected by stairs with French-style flowerbeds and ornamental boxwood.

The 18th-century garden has been listed as a historical monument since 2000. Near the lake is an exceptional feature: a nymph grotto decorated with rocks and shells.


Did you know?

The French-style garden, in three successive terraces accessed by a double staircase, was designed in the 18th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Marquis de Masclary developed the romantic garden and dug the lake.

Near the lake, the Coquille is an ornate cave made of shells. Adjacent to it, a building housed a well with a wheel and a waterwheel.

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9 Rue de la Chapelle, Jacou